Friday, December 09, 2011

Fairies and Faeries Come to My Open House

When I built this fairy house with my wife Debbie in 1993, I thought the fairies would find their way to our house and I still do. Maybe they have come when I'm asleep or maybe I can't see them. They are still welcome and at this Christmas time I declare to one and all faeries to come to the fairy house we have made for them.

It is not too late, fairies of the world, if you show your faces I could still will you the house. I grew up with stories of leprechauns and really would love to see the little folk. I think we all want to see little people, after all we all love babies and children so much. I thought to declare an open house at this time of year might bring them out.

It's a beautiful house. It doesn't have the look at all of contemporary art. It looks more like it was made by elves and faeries in the woods, like it could be a woodland house from an old fairy tale. That is the beauty of modern art, it does not have to look modern or stylish, it just needs to be original.

I am an American artist with European roots who thought he might become a famous artist he could make a beautiful and attractive enough house to lure the fairies, elves, gnomes ad dwarfs out of hiding. A hobbit or two would have been nice, there is room enough in the house.

I imagine I could have lived in a time when little people lived on the earth. I thought that by making architectural sculptures such as these made from nature would have a more primitive and naive feel to them which could coax them into taking up residence there. I know now they live in more hidden places and probably wouldn't leave their woodland comforts to visit my apartment. But all of you are invited to our open house. If you are going to be our area, drop me an email and we'll see that you get to see fairy house the faeries forgot to visit.

I would still love to see this house have a good home and want to make a whole village for the little people of our time. I think much of the art world misses the boat. What is needs is more original work that bridges the gap between our world, future worlds, and the civilizations that have lived on the earth before us. That is why I like showing and viewing online art, it is the best way for all of us to connect and create a more beautiful world together.
The last link here is of a movie we made together in another attempt to reach into the fairy tale realm. You can see more about the fairy house and the movie by following this link,
youtube link of Debbie showing Fairy House
Inside our art gallery showing many Fairy Houses

This is the link to our movie, more on that in the next post

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