Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is Paper Mache Art In fashion In style ?

I think my art may not be in fashion or in style with the art world of today but I think it may have some relevance to future generations. I do not try to be top designer artist or do what is trendy instead I do what makes me feel good. Paper mache from newspaper,  products cardboard boxing and packaging materials. Recycled wood, metal and tins cans may not be in fashion in the highest end art galleries but I am going to introduce to on their blog some paper artists that will astound you with the sophisticated way in which they use their materials. 

I like using nature's materials and industries castoffs and disposables. I like making art from what have become landfill. My hair is greying, my turn on earth will soon be up, I want to leave an impression that bridges the gap between generations. I want to shake the heavens for art's sake and leave a material trail of energy that may be of some good effect upon the quest of peace on earth.

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