Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The King And Queen

I love this picture my wife Debbie painted a few years ago. We were taking care of my mom who was a painter too but was too ill to paint. So we would take our paintings and sculptures in to show her and get her critique. It was a good time for all of us, we loved each others company and the art works we produced during that time.

There is always something of a happy ending to all of Debbie's work. I love her ability to paint like a child and what may be dreams and fantasies to some are real to her. Her works are very spontaneous and carefree. She is a beautiful woman who loves life and beautiful things.

Thank you Debbie for making my life an open book full of beautiful art.

The name Debbie means busy bee, and that she is! And it is form she that I get my name, that is to be the bee for this busy bee.....that is to be debbie's... BeeBoy!

Check Out Her website and blog

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A new Boy Came Into The World Yesterday

Good Morning Everyone. Life is Beautiful. My Brother Dan's daughter Erin delivered a new baby boy yesterday, how's that for a new wrinkle. Their happiness begins. I love new babies, it has been awhile since I held one. I want to be a grandfather. I would try very hard to be like Heidi's grandfather. I will walk around very funny and talk in a very funny voice. And I will make toys and animals, plant gardens and build sandcastles. I will dance funny and make everyone happy to be together and we shall have hugs, lots and lots of hugs. We will look at flowers and bugs and butterflies together and be in a constant state of amazement. We will have tea parties and sculpting and painting days. Oh what fun it will be to be in the warm sunshine and walk with our birds and smell the food that is cooking in our house. You may still be in Heaven watching me write this but someday we will look back and see the plans we made for beautiful days.

Friday, March 16, 2007

An Artist's Prayer

Who touches us when we pray? Have you ever felt a divines presence when praying? So often now when I close my eyes and offer up the sincere desires of my heart I feel so comforted. Art is so beautiful for me when I am working on it I feel taken to a peaceful place. The world has so many problems, my wish is that one day we can all(everyone in the world) stop long enough all work on art so that we could all calm down. How long would it take, three days a week, two weeks? I know for me I had to stop doing any other except to create and by the fourth or fifth day I found peace.
This bas relief was an attempt to show the beauty and comfort that comes to me when I am in prayer. I sculpted it in clay at first then poured plaster over it. Then made a punch mold into that in clay that was later fired. This one though I cast in aluminum at a workshop in sand casting. I love this work. Kimbal Sterling and his wife bought the original.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Story Behind This Sculpture

I like doing people like this. My sculptures become so real to me as I work on them. They speak tome in ways no other thing can. I guess in this way they are so very good for me. I spent many hours on my knees, at mass, in the catholic schools I attended, staring at the sculptures of the saints and the holy family. It was my favorite thing to do in chruch. I called this girl "Goddess in Embyro". I made her from styrafoam, wood, wire, paper mache and paper clay. I even used paper towels, which I braided and taped. I started her then put her down and worked on other things and kept coming back to her like an old friend. It hurt but I sent her to Kimball Sterlings folk art auction. I think I knew what I was doing without knowing it. I changed her name to Janis Joplin because I felt this girl I had had found her peace and Janis had not. Janis's songs had touched when I was younger but I felt that she had not fully blossomed they way she could have. I guess I was thinking about how she had been taken so young and I had lived to find my bliss. Well it turned out the buyers didn't know the whole story and I was fortunate they didn't buy her. I was also blessed because Kimball would not sell it way below the estimated value he gave it, so he protected me in a way and I was able to get her back. Was I happy, it was like getting your cat back after she has strayed for several days only he had her for over a year. I really love this little girl and it's ok with my wife Debbie, she is like the daughter we wanted but did not have. We have had so man lovely students like this over the years, they come and they go, I will post some of thier pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Schramer Family History

This is a picture from the St. John's church in Winfield Illinois. Where the Schramers first lived aftr coming here from Germany. These are beautiful windows that were donated to the church by Schramer families. My trip to Illinois with my wife Debbie in April of 2004 to attend the Bishop Miniature Show in Chicago where we showed our art work gave us this opprotunity to visit theses places and feel the spirits of family members past. It was a great trip.
I just signed into rootsweb.com and hope to be creating a family tree of the surname Schramer.
I searched the messages boards there trying tohelp my wife find information on the brausewetter name and found people wanting to know more about the schramer name. I found one person there having alot of information and will be contacting her. I have alot of information and thought, If I post my family tree it might help someone.

Some of what I have is mostly the John Schramer born 1796 came to Winfield Illinois in 1857 from Irrel Prussia. I have since seen records from 1500's in Austria, and a Mountain in Austria called Schramer Hohe. Many of the people who contributed to my collection have passed on now I feel a great debt to them and want to see all of the information I have gathered organized into clealy visible lines for all the sc hramer and relitives to see.

There will be a link from there to here.