Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Schramer Family History

This is a picture from the St. John's church in Winfield Illinois. Where the Schramers first lived aftr coming here from Germany. These are beautiful windows that were donated to the church by Schramer families. My trip to Illinois with my wife Debbie in April of 2004 to attend the Bishop Miniature Show in Chicago where we showed our art work gave us this opprotunity to visit theses places and feel the spirits of family members past. It was a great trip.
I just signed into rootsweb.com and hope to be creating a family tree of the surname Schramer.
I searched the messages boards there trying tohelp my wife find information on the brausewetter name and found people wanting to know more about the schramer name. I found one person there having alot of information and will be contacting her. I have alot of information and thought, If I post my family tree it might help someone.

Some of what I have is mostly the John Schramer born 1796 came to Winfield Illinois in 1857 from Irrel Prussia. I have since seen records from 1500's in Austria, and a Mountain in Austria called Schramer Hohe. Many of the people who contributed to my collection have passed on now I feel a great debt to them and want to see all of the information I have gathered organized into clealy visible lines for all the sc hramer and relitives to see.

There will be a link from there to here.

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