Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The King And Queen

I love this picture my wife Debbie painted a few years ago. We were taking care of my mom who was a painter too but was too ill to paint. So we would take our paintings and sculptures in to show her and get her critique. It was a good time for all of us, we loved each others company and the art works we produced during that time.

There is always something of a happy ending to all of Debbie's work. I love her ability to paint like a child and what may be dreams and fantasies to some are real to her. Her works are very spontaneous and carefree. She is a beautiful woman who loves life and beautiful things.

Thank you Debbie for making my life an open book full of beautiful art.

The name Debbie means busy bee, and that she is! And it is form she that I get my name, that is to be the bee for this busy bee.....that is to be debbie's... BeeBoy!

Check Out Her website and blog

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