Friday, March 16, 2007

An Artist's Prayer

Who touches us when we pray? Have you ever felt a divines presence when praying? So often now when I close my eyes and offer up the sincere desires of my heart I feel so comforted. Art is so beautiful for me when I am working on it I feel taken to a peaceful place. The world has so many problems, my wish is that one day we can all(everyone in the world) stop long enough all work on art so that we could all calm down. How long would it take, three days a week, two weeks? I know for me I had to stop doing any other except to create and by the fourth or fifth day I found peace.
This bas relief was an attempt to show the beauty and comfort that comes to me when I am in prayer. I sculpted it in clay at first then poured plaster over it. Then made a punch mold into that in clay that was later fired. This one though I cast in aluminum at a workshop in sand casting. I love this work. Kimbal Sterling and his wife bought the original.

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