Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Self-Teaching Artist

The little chair pictured above is the kind of art I produced in 1987. I would say that I am a self taught artist but that would sound like I'm all done and indeed I am not finished creating my art nor will I ever will be. Neither do I want to write pejoratively about formal training. Actually I had three college classes and a metals casting class at the Crucible in Berklely. My first two classes since high school were in 1987. I enrolled in two art classes, one in drawing and one in design, where I was taught somewhat to mitigate my hibernating art desires into useful expressions. The third class, some 10 years later, was in scuplture; by then the younger students in the class were calling me "the already accomplished one", "the Picasso", "the new Giocometti". My experience in school was transitory but my desire to make art was ample, so I took to teaching myself. I was zealous and determined so the work came fluidly. I am still teaching myself and improving, although I lament at not being able to the have the freshness and naiveity with which I began. The desire to create was the sustaining confidence that infused my work with burgeoning and poignant experiences. I felt replete, I could now approach my work with frankness and facetiousness.

To play, to humor myself, to reach the boundaries of my creativity and push them out; this gives me joy.

I do not mind selling my work if I can have a good conversation with the buyer and we can understand something about life together. I like to know who has my artwork in case I should like to visit them again.

I welcome your engaging comments.

Michael Schramer

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thelastnoel said...

Good luck with the art. I know how difficult it can be.